Lovington Leader

Lovington Daily LeaderThe Lovington Leader is the local newspaper operated by John Graham.

14 W. Avenue B

Lovington, N.M.  88260

(575) 396-2844

  • Audreykittrell

    John, I left you a message but just wanted to talk to you about the possibility of getting a tape of your dad’s funeral. June Magness and I had to miss because of weather, Christmas etc. I will pay for the tape, postage if it is possible to get a copy. Since I never saw him and am missing him, I can only imagine what the family is going through. He was a very good teacher/mentor. Audrey Kittrell You can email me at audreykittrell@yahoo.com

  • Charliss Randall

    I would like to put an invitation to my dad’s 90th birthday in the paper. I have a picture and will write up the invitation. where do i send it?

  • r

    Don’t Be Scammed
    My grandmother there in Lovington received a scammers call yesterday stating that her great-grandson was in jail here in Florida. Told that she needed to send money to get him out. Imposters pretending to be her grandson spoke to her, told her not to tell me, his mom. They suggested they send a check to her, deposit it, then she write a check from her checking account. She doesn’t have a c-account so they suggested she open one, or use western union. Or someone could arrive at her door to pick up the money. If she would have had the money she probably would have sent it. Please remind people, particularly seniors to be smart about scams directed to them. Much info online about scams targeted to seniors. Thanks